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Online – $30 for I’M ALERT ; $150 for Basic Food Hygiene Certificate.

Discounts  for annual subscriptions.

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Start with I’M ALERT – Online 24/7

I’M ALERT is compliant with New Zealand Australia Food Standards Code and teaches all the basics any food handler should know.

Access is available for 1 year from purchase.



Basic Food Hygiene Certificate –


After I’M ALERT – Continue online with an e-workbook to understand  – Theory of US 167, Food Act 2014,  Food Regulations 2015 and more. Hyperlinks  and advice to set up your NZ food business, deal with allergens etc. Complete online test.

Course includes a 1 hour zoom meeting with Carlinda with 1 person. Suitable for owners, managers and senior staff. 


Basic Food Hygiene Certificate –

Tutor led

After I’M ALERT online – Continue with a tutor led workshop that includes the underpinning theory of US 167 and much of US 20666, the Food Act 2014, Food Regulations 2015.

Highly interactive practicals – label reading,thermometer calibration,  sorting exercises and more. Complete test marked by tutor.

Suitable for owners, managers and senior staff.


Class feedback from Tutor led Training

“Wonderful Tutor and very understanding with extreme patience and good demonstration skill- awesome”

“Although excellent – too much – so much in one day ” 

(Carlinda says -My courses are not for box tickers – come if you want to learn!)

“It must be tough to teach people with varied levels of knowledge/experience, personally I learnt heaps.”

“I learnt heaps – she covered things I had never thought about – like reading labels”

“The course was great but I find it hard to put pen to paper”

 “It was great how Carlinda managed all the different people in the class”

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