Food Safety Certificate Training

Food Safety Certificate Training

Q1 : The downloads I have purchased don’t work?

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 A 1 – What Training should my staff do?

I’M ALERT – Part 1

I’M ALERT is great for anyone that handles food –anywhere- anytime. 

We recommend it for volunteers, new staff, kitchen hands, waitresses, factory workers and anyone wanting Food Safety refresher training. Our subscription pricing means you can have many staff trained with only a one off online payment or requested invoice. I’M ALERT covers all the basics to meet Australia and New Zealand Food Safety Standards and has been completed by 450,000 plus learners in Australia and New Zealand.

Please ensure that you print off the Training Acknowledgement Form and put it with your staff training records.

Basic Food Hygiene Certificate

Food Safety Online’s online and tutor led  courses are for more senior staff and business owners.  These L2 course include I’M ALERT and also covers the NZ Food Act 2014, Food Regulations 2015 requirements and explains National Programs and Food Control Plans.

We detail how bacteria grow, how spores survive so that staff actually understand why to cool foods rapidly and why to follow the 2hour/4hour rule. We include practical learning such as reading labels. Allergen training and Management is also more in depth.

A 2 – Does my Council/Auditor accept this training?

Your council Food Safety Officer or MPI auditor will look for evidence that you understand your requirements under the Food Act 2014.

Having an I’M ALERT certificate and/or the Basic Food Hygiene Certificate will show quickly an auditor that you have had formal independent training in Food Safety. Although having a certificate is no longer a legal requirement it is highly recommended.   What you invest in training you save by reducing audit non-compliances.

Our I’M ALERT  and our tutor led  Basic Food Hygiene Certificate courses have been approved by Auckland Council in the past and have been widely accepted by most councils in New Zealand.  Our online course covers the same material and can be accessed 24/7 once payment has been received.


A 3 – I am not in Auckland – Can I do the training?

Anyone in New Zealand is welcome to do I’M ALERT  and our online Basic Food Hygiene Certificate courses. Contact Carlinda if you wish to have a tutor led  Basic Food Hygiene Certificate outside of Auckland. Minimum class size 6 people.

 I’M ALERT training.

 The Basic Food Hygiene Certificate course has been approve by Auckland Council.  I am happy to send the training to other organisations for approval.

A 4 – FAQ for Part 1 – I’MALERT

Please check out these FAQ’s directly from the I’M ALERT website

Please note – In NZ the training is not free as Food Safety Online Limited is the subscribing organisation and charges a fee.



A 5 – Why should I train with Food Safety Online?

Because our training in online – staff can be trained from Day 1. If you subscribe then you can put a students through whenever you like – you have paid in advance for use of the link/s.

Our training is stepped so staff do not get overwhelmed –or undertrained.

By completing I’M ALERT training as part of their induction you can be assured that staff know what is required of them and that they have undergone uniform training.

A 6 – Do you offer Food Control Plan Training?

The Food Service and Catering Food Control Planning is integrated into the one day Basic Food Hygiene Course.

You can purchase the A5 Information booklet –  Food Control Plan for $5 on the day of the course. This 38 page – double sided booklet –  will save you having to download 76 A4 sheets of paper.

Diary forms can be downloaded separately or we can provide customisable templates that better suit your business

A 7 – Labels

We can help with your label by making sure your label 

  • Has accurate nutrition panel  (NIP) information,
  • Has ingredient listing information in correct order and stated correctly (characterising ingredients stated as a %)
  • Correct and complete allergen statements
  • Has the product description, address and weight information in the right place
  • Only has compliant claims on your label.
  • Decisions on whether a “Best before” or “Use by” date.
  • Has an appropriate shelf life


L 1 – Optional Extras

  • Allowable health and other claims
  • Has a Health Star Rating (if 3 to 5)
  • This is done by using NPSC calculation results
  • Decisions on whether a “Best before” or “Use by” date suits your product
  • Work out your shelf life

L 2 – Health Star Ratings

 Does your product have a 5 star health rating?

  • Health Star Rating (if 3 to 5)
  • This is done by using NPSC calculation results

By putting your Nutrition Panel Information + Dietary Fibre +  FVLN – Fruits Vegetable Nut and Legume concentration – through the Health Star Rating Calculator we can work out how many stars your product has


L 3- Nutrition Panel Development

 I can help you develop your Nutrition Panel. I need your recipe, before and after processing inputs and yield,  a list of all your ingredients (including allergen – just sent a photo of the ingredients)  and quantities.

I also need the manufacture method – This helps to work out water losses and gains which affect the Nutritional Panel.

If you want to do your own panel – I can guide you through Nutrition Panel Calculator

Further Questions

If you have further question’s on Food Safety Certificate Training then please call Carlinda