Food Labels

Let  Carlinda  guide you through the Food Labelling process.     

A fully compliant label can be created from your recipe.


We can also quickly explore if you can make Health claims S 1.2.7 

or display Health Star Ratings.








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    Nutrition Information Panel (NIP)

    Develop a Nutrition Information Panel (NIP) from your own recipe.

    • Create a standard NIP  in correct format
    • Save hundreds of dollars on Laboratory testing
    • Make other NIP claims correctly
      • Gluten, Cholesterol & Lactose free claims
      • Dietary fibre, Vitamin and Mineral composition
      • Omega 3,6,9 and other fatty acid claims

    Ingredient Listing

    • Ingredients are described correctly
    • Ingredients are placed in the correct order
    • Characterising ingredients identified with correct % applied
    • Food additives declared correctly
    • Identify which ingredients must need to be declared and which can be left off 

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    Allergens, warning and advisory statements

    • Identifying and, correctly declaring allergens
    • Putting any warning and warning and advisory statements on the label in the prescribed manner 

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    Best Before or Use By date? Storage and Preparation Instructions

    • Determine if you product is a “Use BY” or “Best Before”
    • Advice on shelf testing to determine shelf life
    • Work out an appropriate storage life
    • Storage, preparation and Use instructions are developed


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    Bar Code /Product Recall

    • Obtain a Bar Code
    • Explain how to go about a Product Recall



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    Health Star Ratings 


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    Nutrient Profile Scoring Calculations NPSC claims

    • Perform Nutrient Profile Scoring Calculator (NPSC) calculations to determine if standard 1.2.7 requirements are met
    • Standard 1.2.7 include 150+ pre-approved Health claims that can be used on eligible products i.e.
      • Low in fat, sugar, High in fibre
      • A diet low in sodium reduces blood pressure

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    “Carlinda does a great job of our coconut  labels – with very professional NIP Panels with helpful opinions on further health claims” Chris Wyllie Tavulomu Processing.

    “Carlinda helps us and our customers with NIP and labels. She does a great job and advises us on what we are allowed to say”Angela – iCook

    Let’s Work Together!

    From a simple Nutrition Information Panel – right through to Health Star ratings and Health claims.