Basic Food Hygiene Certificate – Tutor led


After I’M ALERT online – Continue with a tutor led workshop that includes the underpinning theory of US 167 and much of US 20666, the Food Act 2014, Food Regulations 2015. Highly interactive practical’s – label reading thermometer calibration,  sorting exercises and more. Complete test marked by tutor. Suitable for owners, managers and senior staff. Price is per student.

Please contact Carlinda before proceeding to discuss your circumstances or an inhouse course.

Text Ph 0212091298 to confirm with your order number.

Any other day by arrangement if three or more students coming. Minimum charge $450+ GST

Otherwise courses are run most Mondays from Jan 2021 at 26c Holly Street, Avondale, Auckland 1026.

Phone: 021 209 1298

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Any other day by arrangement if three or more students coming. Minimum charge $450+ GST

Class arrival time 9am to 9.15am; Class start 9.30 am sharp - BYO or buy lunch – Finish 4-4.30pm

Online format follows book in the same order and practical questions and tests are the same.

  1. 30 – 10.30 am

Introduce the Food Control Plan – Food Service and Catering – Forms and requirements

Intense theory covering – Toxins; How bacteria grow; Non spore formers; Spore formers; Bacteria growth and illness definitions, notifiable diseases. Best Before & Use By dates - Time, temperature, food, moisture, air and pH; Pasteurisation; D values; retorting; canning; freezing. Introduce 3 bacteria relevant to students to improve understanding (not tested)

  1. 30 – 11 am - Break with practical’s

Calibrate thermometers – Boiling and Ice water; Probe and Laser

Show practical ways to take the fridge temperature

Show Ozone water – one is installed in the kitchen

Get one of the students make a sanitiser solution

Show three MPI approved methods of sanitising cloths

  1. 30 am – 1pm

Fast learn methods are used - pictures of food items and little shop items.

Physical, Chemical and Biological contamination and cross contamination; how to manage; minimise and avoid contamination and bacteria growth.

Students do a range of sorting and matching exercises and take turns to answer questions.

“Use by” “Best Before” separation

Placement on chopping boards and fridge

Identification of allergens (gluten, milk, egg, fish, soy, sesame, sulphites,

Allergen management: -Name allergens; Identify allergens in ingredients; Manage allergens in recipes; avoid cross contamination; Who can and how to talk with customers

Everyone is included and people learn together.

We talk about the issues that are relevant to the course attendees and practical solutions for their problems.

  1. 1-1.30pm (approx.)

Lunch with Practical

Check your hands if nails are short and clean enough

Have each person wash their hands under supervision

  1. 30 – 3.00pm Theory

Cover Basic Food Safety Practices

Cover all temperature heating and cooling rules

Pictures are used to cover

Reheat, Hold hot, Danger zone, Fridge, Freezer temperature; Hot Hold rules

Cooling rules; 2 hour/ 4 hour rule

Cleaning, cleaning schedules, Cleaning, sanitising, disinfections definitions

Pest control

  1. Test and marking

At the end of the course we have a closed book test.

All answers have been covered during the course and are written in your course book.

So far everyone who has completed IMALERT has passed the test

The test covers all theory elements and performance criteria of

US 167 – Practice Food Safety Methods in a Food Business

and most of Unit Standard 20666 Demonstrate basic knowledge of contamination hazards and control methods used in a food business

Test marked and help with areas of non understanding


  1. Certificates are printed and laminated (plus $5+ GST per lamination) – pdf copies sent

Payments checked and confirmed – Certificates released on payment confirmation. Internet or cell phone banking OK. Cash not preferred but accepted.

Invoices printed and emailed.

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Each Monday except Public Holiday Text Ph 0212091298 to confirm, Other Dates By Arrangement – Please Contact Carlinda Text Ph 0212091298 to confirm, 18 March 2024, 25 March 2024